Thursday, May 24, 2007


So it's Thursday night. Last week was finals week and I have finished my first year here at Asbury Seminary. (I'm amazed at how excited I am about that. I keep checking for my grades online about every hour.) Track season ended on Saturday and this is my first full week without the chaos of school and coaching. I don't think I realized how crazy things had been until I took the time tonight to reflect a little while sitting here by myself in the "everyone else is in bed" quiet. I've had the chance to think again over the last few days.

Think about how special this time is that I have at home with my boys. They are so amazing and I don't want to rush through these early years without savoring the moments. Watching Isaiah stalk a bird sitting in our backyard. Enjoying Micah's expressive mood swings and adventuring with him as he learns to harness his STRONG emotions. Noticing how Elijah is no longer a baby or toddler but a full-fledged boy who looks after himself and carries on great conversation with me as he looks out for his little brothers. This is precious time that I won't get back. God help me to soak in every second.

Think about how I love my wife. Listening to her talk about her passion for teenagers and remembering again why we are so perfect for each other even in the tough times. Enjoying serious conversations about life and God one minute and then laughing like idiots at the funny sounds I make when I see how beautiful she is. Thank you God for the amazing love you have given me!

Think about time with good friends. Throwing some washers with Tom and Josh and talking about who knows what in our backyard. Sometimes challenging each other spiritually and sometimes just laughing at card games, 7 year old diets, disgusting stories about blankets or whatever else might happen to us that you aren't going to understand by reading this blog but are funny to us. I have been blessed with such challenging friends who mean so much to me.

Think about our amazing God. Even in my time here at seminary, it can be difficult just to slow down long enough to remember who it is that we serve and how unfathomable God is. I was struck by what God says to Peter, James and John in Mark 9 when they are on the mountain with Jesus. "This is my Son, the Beloved; listen to him!" I have been so busy lately that I haven't taken enough time to just stop and listen. Time to just bask in who Jesus is and how I can live more like him. How I can live by his agenda rather than my own. God, thank you for your presence and help me always to listen to you!

I have loved this last semester of classes and coaching but I have to admit, this change of pace was much needed and I am praising God for the things he is showing me during this little hiatus. I'm praying that I can continue to grow in him through the people he has placed around me. And I hope to share some of that this summer in these writings. We'll see...


Erin Crisp said...

I love you Dearest!

Tom 1st said...

I love you too Dearest.