Friday, June 22, 2007

Community and Creation: Lessons from a little town

When I first moved to Wilmore, KY I was amazed at the fervor the townspeople had for keeping corporate America away from their small area. The only thing in Wilmore that might remind someone of the city is Subway. And many locals talk about it like they rue the day the devil's fast food infiltrated their pure neighborhood. Coming from an area where I could frequent all kinds of restraunts within minutes of my house I just didn't understand the resentment for the corporate giant. They made real food real fast. (or whatever Subway's slogan might be) I thought the people of Wimore needed to stop cloistering themselves from the outside world and embrace the Subway just as I had.

I think my position has changed somewhat in just the few months we have been here. There is something to be said for this quaint little town that time seems to have forgotten. The ability to walk through downtown with it's old buildings and be transported to another time when things were simpler. The locally owned businesses where the owner gets to know who you are and can have conversation with you while doing business. Being able to see pictures of Main Street when people rode horse and buggy and recognizing the town in which you currently live. It all has history and community that you can't create in a housing subdivision. There is something about it that seems right to someone who believes we should build up and encourage one another in community. Seeing people you know everytime you head "into town" has a comforting feel to it. It's a lot like family.

But there is something else about the way Wilmore has preserved itself over the years that I am finding even more valuable: it has not been overtaken by urban sprawl. I continue to find spots in my ventures around the Wilmore area that remind me of how beautiful God's creation can really be. I grew up in central Indiana where the scenery is best when the corn is high. While I do see the beauty in that corn there is so much of nature I am experiencing here. The rolling tree covered hills that change colors each season. The creeks and rivers that make glorious music while you sit quietly. The wooded areas to run through where birds perch and small creatures scrurry reminding me that what God created truly is good. There is so much to take in and I am finally beginning to notice. My eyes are being opened to the divine landscape all around me and it instills awe in The Creator.

So while I still enjoy eating the occasional Subway Club, thanks be to God for opening my eyes to the community and creation found in this little town.

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