Saturday, July 26, 2008

Don't Miss It

This is a post from a few months ago...

Have you ever run down a hill at top speed (in flip-flops) chasing a little plastic car carrying a small child squealing with excitement? Have you ever climbed on the roof of your house to retrieve not one but two frisbees while three small boys look at you like you are a superhero? Have you ever squirmed your way into a playhouse so that a 6 year old can send up "treasures" in a bucket tied to a string? I've done them all and I did them tonight.

I had been sitting in the kitchen checking my email, tired from a long day and ready to relax a little. The boys were playing outside and having a great time. Normally I would have kept sitting there until someone started screaming, bleeding, or both. Tonight, however, I heard a quiet voice say, "Don't miss this." I remembered that they aren't going to giggle and squeal in the yard for long and I didn't want to miss it!

This week has been a tutorial in noticing the small things. Those things that happen on a daily basis that, if you aren't paying attention, can go right by without you giving them a second glance. Those things that make you appreciate life and love and God. I needed this lesson. I am the master of focus. A one track mind in action. If I am in the zone and getting things done you had better hope that your hair doesn't catch on fire because I either won't notice or it won't be in my schedule to put it out.

But that is a shame isn't it? While I can be very productive, I also miss important conversations. Small moments in time that make a difference in my life and in the lives of others. I miss the beauty of God's creation as I blaze through it in route to my next mission. I miss learning from the people around me how to live and at times how not to live. I miss God's work in my life in the small things.

Through a conversation with a good friend at work, a couple of books I have been reading for class, a prayer that God would remind me of His work in my life on a daily basis, and through watching the lives of my boys I have been reminded that I don't want to miss those important MOMENTS that you can't get back.

So stop and chat for a minute with someone. Pause in the beautiful weather to smell the air, feel the breeze, or look at the stars. Stare at your spouse for a while and then have some great conversation. I'm going to strap on my flip-flops and get ready to run!

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