Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Forming of Me

If you don't know me or more importantly, if you don't know the church where I grew up then this post is probably going to make little to no sense to you. I just wanted to share something I wrote that expresses the gratitude I have toward the community of people who impacted my life in the name of Jesus when I was growing up.

The Blue Grove

A sea of blue and smiling faces

Glad to be there enjoying life with friends, celebrating and growing together

Like distant relatives together again catching up on the past week

A welcome is heard and music begins

Piano, organ and voices raised with a southern flair and hearts engaged

Out of the blue, guitars appear and song after song is sung with requests for more

Gathering closely together, needs are made known

Knees and heads sink into blue

A slight rumble, louder now, a roar of praise and petition together, in unison, until softer again it fades away

A man stands in the front with a look of authority and something to say

Blue light around a cross shining behind him

Loud words are spoken amidst tears, laughs, shouts and Amens

Beginnings of faith, love, and hope

Gratefulness to those who loved, cared, and prayed

Where are they now? Where are they going? Do they know how much they have guided my journey?

So simple yet so influential...

Have I mentioned my favorite color is blue?

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Josh said...

This is a great poem. You have put into words some of the things that I have been thinking, especially recently, about our upbringing. The more I look back at what they were doing there the more I appreciate it. The more I get ingrained in the church of individualism and not sharing with one another, the more I miss that "blue" church. Thanks for sharing and bringing back some memories.

By the way, I'm really mad that you have been blogging and I didn't even know it. Just to let you know, I'll be the one commenting here about things I disagree with and wanting to make you feel uncomfortable. I wouldn't be a good brother if I did anything less. Have a good one. Miss you guys!!!