Sunday, September 7, 2008

Playground Ulcers

While playing at the park with the boys today, I noticed a number of parents (alright, I'll just admit it, they were dads) with their very young and what looked like first child. They looked like the kids were made of glass and seemed to be getting ulcers while playing at the playground. After having 3 BOYS and realizing that they are going to climb, jump, fall, yell, and get unbelievably dirty, I try to enjoy my time at the playground by playing and not constantly running to catch a child who isn't falling. It made me laugh to realize that these stressed out parents were me only a few years ago. Now all I have to worry about is making sure my kids don't knock those kids down...

For an amazingly hilarious post on parenting, check out this woman's day at the beach.

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