Monday, December 22, 2008

Tales of a Teenage Stripper

In my last two posts I have talked about how sharing our stories can be beneficial to those around us. Our story helps us relate to those who have similar stories to our own. Our experiences give us insight into the lives of others who are currently in situations we have already experienced. Our lives can be encouragements to those around us. But I continue to ask myself, "Could I currently reach the person I once was?" I saw a possible answer to that question a few weeks ago.

Our church recently tried to communicate the importance of our stories to those around us. In our worship services a few weeks ago people walked across the stage carrying cardboard signs. They carried this sign with a description of the person they had been. They stopped at the center of the stage and turned their sign around with a new description of who Jesus is helping them become. One of these people stood out to me and continues to impact me whenever I think about her.

A middle aged woman walks to the center of the stage holding a sign that says, "Teenage Stripper." When she flips to the other side the sign now reads, "Missionary to Strip Clubs." Once a stripper herself, she has become part of what is called the Bruised Reed Ministry. This ministry is a group of women who go to local strip clubs, take the women who work there meals, and build relationships with them. The impact that this woman can have on the young girls in these clubs is amazing to me.

It did remind me, however, that in order to make an impact on those who are where we have been we must go and find them. They do not come and knock on our doors. We have to knock on theirs. How do I find who I once was. How do you?


amberly said...

i don't know, but i want to. if the tears i'm fighting at the moment mean anything, i deeply LONG to. thanks for stirring that with this post.

Tom 1st said...

Wow, amazing!