Friday, March 27, 2009

iPod and Worship Music

Has the iPod ruined music in the church?

Music in the church used to be one of the main places where the best music could be heard. Creativity in composition of music was valued and the instrumentation (think organs) was new and innovative. When you came to worship you heard something you didn't hear every day. Music in worship created an experience that you couldn't get the rest of your week. Music in worship was something special.

But times have changed. Technology has led to a society in which we carry music with us everywhere. We can hold entire libraries of studio perfected music in our back pockets. Our cars very rarely are without music and we can choose whatever genre of music we like. We then go to the church where the quality of music will never match what we are hearing on a daily basis.

Granted we still experience gathering together and uniting in song and this is important. However, on the day we set aside for remembrance of the resurrection of Jesus our music is no longer the most creative or innovative.

So here is my question:
Does the easy access to music for people today lead to a different purpose/reason for music in worship than it did before the iPod? (Hat tip to Gabe Gibitz for raising this question in class today.)

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Eric said...

Phil, a friend of mine, responded on facebook. Here is his response:

I will answer here. In my opinion, most worship music has been of low quality for a while. It was easy to comprehend with no mystery. It pandered to the simplest of taste. Basically it is equivalent of college students putting crayon drawings on the fridge and expecting God the father to approve of it. And I don't think it is about technical ... Read Morequality. It is about quality of lyrics and music creation. You want real worship music, here is a list in my opinion.
Magnificent U2 No Line on the Horizon
All Because of You U2 How to stop an ........
Lover Part 2. Derek Webb I see things upside down
I can go on but if I really want to worship God, these are the songs I would use.