Thursday, November 5, 2009

A Hardy Love For Reading

When I was a boy I love the Hardy Boy novels. I would have one everywhere I went and usually had the covers wrapped around my face until the final page was turned. I hung on every word. Page after page my imagination was engaged by the images painted by the words. (If I read one now I would probably find them quite silly but I am remembering nostalgically.) The content of those books would be long outdated and many kids today wouldn't really "get" the two brothers. But the Hardy Boys influenced me to become a life long reader. I'm an avid reader today because of these two teenage super-sleuths.

Today Elijah went to the library and checked out a book filled with colorful pictures of fancy gadgets, high speed chases, and actions sequences. All of the text is contained in dialog bubbles and imagination is far less necessary. But he has been reading it since he got home from school. And what is this colorful graphic novel you might ask? A reinvention of the famed detectives, Frank and Joe. The Hardy Boys!

I just hope that maybe these books can help Elijah develop a love for reading as much as the old series did for me.

What books do you remember reading as a kid?


Kelly Lawson said...

I was totally into the Babysitter's Club books! I loved them.

But I also really loved Nancy Drew. There were a ton of Nancy Drew books at my grandmother's house when I was a kid, that my aunt had left there from her childhood. I devoured those books and looked forward to going to my grandma's house, just for those books.

R.S. said...

go Lije! I was a hardy fan too, though i never really developed a love for reading until...well, not sure. The hardy boys are a tradition worth passing down though - awesome!

amberly said...

Yeah kiddo! My childhood love of reading is thanks to C.S. Lewis and Harper Lee.